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Formulas, theorems, definitions, properties, graphics, algorithms, examples - all in one!

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"Simple and well done. Exactly what you need to prepare Math exams and homeworks for high school and university level."

QuickMath Advanced is designed to students and teachers and offers the possibility to learn and memorize the most common Math formulas, theorems, definitions, and properties. Graphics, algorithms and examples complete the QuickMath Advanced offer.

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In short, QuickMath Advanced contains in its 122 lessons / categories:

Application is designed for students of high school or university level who want to know, to exercise and to memorize main Math formulas and definitions as it is required in most European countries and many more around the world.

Version FREE contains a complete list of all lessons / categories, but the access is limited to part of them.

Version FULL can be activated through payment systems available on AppleStore and GooglePlay.

Enjoy QuickMath Advanced!